Compressed Air Leak Solutions

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Eliminate Leaks to Reduce Overhead. Easy and Cost Effective.


Leaks account for 20-30% of compressed air consumption in most facilities, and are sometimes as high as 40%.


The cost to generate compressed air is a large percentage of the electrical consumption at every facility. The air compressor's motor is often the largest electrical consumer. The load on this motor is greatly reduced by eliminating leaks.


The cost of a single 1/8” leak can be $2000+ per year. When considering a large number of small leaks across an entire facility, it makes financial sense to tackle this problem right away.

SP helps you quickly and accurately quantify the leaks in your system, in terms of both volume of air (CFM) and dollars. Once the leaks are quantified, we recommend the best solution for your facility, based upon the extent of the leaks, the size of your compressed air system, and financial sense.

Contact us today and we will help you to quantify the leaks at no obligation.

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